Wondering if you should list your home with an experienced real estate agent like Jenn Gibbs?  You want to make the right choice, so here are some things to consider!

We couldn’t stop with just a top ten list so there are a few bonus reasons too.  If you’d rather watch, scroll down for a video version.

This was written as a quick bullet list for a builder that I was coaching on how to net the most from the sale of his property.  You may like this brief style-

1) You won’t have to answer every buyer phone call, including curious or unqualified calls

2)  You won’t have to deal with Realtors calling to schedule a tour and ask if you work with them

3)  You won’t have to take calls from Realtors trying to list the house for you

4)  Security of knowing who is coming through the house are serious buyers

5)  You won’t have to work with needy buyers that don’t have an agent to help with transaction details

6)  You don’t have to watch contract deadlines.

7)  You don’t have to take time and focus away from other projects to solve issues

8)  You don’t have to market – good marketing systems will draw more buyers to compete and add value to the home

9)  More exposure online and to out of state buyers, 1000’s of websites

10)  Professional photography, video and online representation

11)   I look out for your best interest in the contracts and seek your advantage




+A strong marketing plan, and having me negotiate contracts and addendums and resolve issues will be worth your time.  

+How much do delays cost from lack of focus on contract issues?

+How much is your time worth?  More than a secretary? (that’s what you become if you do all the for sale by owner tasks)

+You’ll net the most by focusing on your other build jobs and doing more volume of sales faster

+I’d love to help make this sale quick and easy for you!